RXP017 Leanne McCallum New Orleans Zydeco

On episode 17 of the Red X Podcast, Leann McCallum, coordinator for the Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force shares how the city is combatting trafficking. In the news, New Orleans’s crackdown on the adult entertainment industry is met with resistance. The producer of the Red X, Mayor of Apex, NC, Lance Olive handed … Continue reading RXP017 Leanne McCallum New Orleans Zydeco

RXP016 Margaret Henderson

In this episode, the Red X Podcast hosts Margaret Henderson from the School of Government at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on how local governments can be a part of the anti-trafficking movement. Also, Nicole explains how the Department of Homeland Security is combating trafficking. Nicole Bernard, host of the Red X … Continue reading RXP016 Margaret Henderson

RXP015 John Paul Rice Film

In the 15th episode, Lance and Nicole welcome guest John Paul Rice, film producer from A Child's Voice. They discuss the opening of a fire station with a police car bay, NCMEC and an ice breaker quiz on film. Nicole reports on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The Red X Podcast is produced … Continue reading RXP015 John Paul Rice Film

RXP014 HVAC Coffee Cartoons Allison

On the fourteenth episode of the Red X Podcast, Nicole welcomes child trafficking survivor, Allison who shares her story of exploitation and restoration. In the news, an Ohio sting recovers 12 men including an elementary teacher. Lance’s air conditioning broke and he explains how he fixed it. Nicole comments on her favorite place to work, … Continue reading RXP014 HVAC Coffee Cartoons Allison

RXP013 Moose, DC, Syracuse, Colleen Merced

  In the thirteenth episode of the Red X Podcast, Nicole interviews Colleen Merced from the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center in Syracuse, NY. In the news, are social media posts about child abductions for human trafficking true? Leah Hartman, a new advocate, co-hosts. Lance talks about his morning at the Apex Farmer’s Market and breakfast … Continue reading RXP013 Moose, DC, Syracuse, Colleen Merced

RXP011 Cats; Camp; Rio Grande; Tracey Hughes

On episode 11 of the Red X Podcast, Lance and Nicole speak with Tracy Hughes from Tamar’s Tapestry on the Texas-Mexico border. Nicole reports from one Texas news source that cites fear of trafficking as one factor in separating children at the border. Lance talks about his cats (Moe and Kiki) and how cats go … Continue reading RXP011 Cats; Camp; Rio Grande; Tracey Hughes

RXP010 – Sloth; Smallville; Karen Diers

In this episode of the Red X Podcast, Nicole and Lance speak with Karen Diers the director of Refuge for Women in Las Vegas that provides housing and restoration services for women who are victims of sex trafficking. In the news, a Smallville actress is arrested on human trafficking charges. Lance tells the story about … Continue reading RXP010 – Sloth; Smallville; Karen Diers